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How Coaching Works

What to expect

Clients work with Louise from the comfort of their own homes. All individual and relationship sessions are conducted through Simple Practice, a secure and confidential online video-platform that ensures all coaching conversations are private.

Finding the right professional to guide you through life's challenges can be difficult. It is really important to find someone who you feel connected and comfortable with! That's why before committing to any work with Louise, you will have a free consultation call so that you can evaluate if Louise's coaching is a good fit for you. All of Louise's coaching programs are 8 sessions long. Clients pay for each session separately at the time of the session and may cancel their remaining sessions at anytime.

Individual Coaching

Reconnect with your purpose

All of us face periods in life when challenges or unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior prevent us from living a day-to-day life that feels meaningful. Often we find ourselves feeling fatigued, burnt-out, and passionless without a plan for how to rekindle our spark for life.

Over the course of 8 video-chat meetings, Louise will teach you to make choices, small or large, that are guided by your core values, your goals, and your most cherished interpersonal relationships. This skill frees you from making decisions based on feelings of guilt, stress, obligation, or expectations that aren't in line with your personal ethic.


$100 per 50 minute session

Relationship Coaching

Reconnect with each other

Relationships today are as diverse as the people in them. No longer does one size fit all. Instead, we build our relationships from the ground up, based on the individual values, goals, and desires of partners. Louise helps people find sustainable solutions to modern relationship challenges such as practicing equitable and open communication, recovering from infidelity, navigating queer and non-monogamous relationships, cultivating higher sexual satisfaction, addressing power differentials between partners, and more.

Over the course of 8 video-chat meetings, Louise will help you to identify the biggest recurring obstacles in your relationship, understand your joint conflict cycle, and build a shared foundational relationship culture that will help you navigate old tensions that are holding you back from connection.


$120 per 50 minute session